We’re Hiring a Fine Perennial Maintenance Gardener/Landscaper

Job Description

Columbine gardeners are responsible for working as a team to provide regular landscape maintenance to properties on a set weekly schedule Monday through Friday. They also maintain the standards of excellence and the reputation of Columbine Landscapes.

The goal of our work is to keep the properties looking FRESH, LIVELY, and BEAUTIFUL. This means as green as possible, flowering as much as possible, debris free, and tidy as possible (think fresh mulch, and clean lines between different materials – mulched bed and drive, lawn and gravel, etc.). Yes, it’s the detailed work!

It’s physically demanding and we work in all weather conditions: heat, cold, rain…


  • Full time preferred; full days are mandatory
  • 8 hour work days on average, could be more some days, less others; 40 hour work week Monday through Friday
  • Every 3rd Friday off (sometimes optional work is available) coincides with holidays
  • Time off is to be planned around 3 day weekends; exceptions can be made, but since this is seasonal work plan accordingly and take time off during the winter months
  • Our season goes from mid-late March until Thanksgiving, start and end date is weather dependent
  • Lunch is packed and eaten in the field


  • Be on time every day prepared to work outdoors all day in any condition
  • Ability to correctly identify common perennial flowers and weeds; knowing shrubs, annuals, and trees is desirable
  • Work quickly and efficiently:
    • Weed perennial beds
    • Deadhead annual and perennial flowers
    • Spread mulch
    • Install edging
    • Plant annuals, perennials, shrubs, and small trees
    • Keeps busy and never idle
    • Apply organic sprays: deer repellent, insecticide, and herbicide
    • Rake and remove leaves

Success Behaviors

  • Team player
  • Proactive communicator
  • Self-reflective
  • Loves learning and actively engages in training
  • Invites feedback with an attitude of gratitude
  • Responsive: quick to return calls/emails/texts; when asked to do something, does it immediately
  • Takes initiative to get things done; knows when to ask permission and ask for help
  • Positive attitude
  • Proactive: makes every effort to work out a problem as soon as it arises
  • Desire to leave things better than you found them, both in regards to client properties and Columbine as a company
  • Punctual, reliable, trustworthy, flexible, fun

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive pay
  • SIMPLE IRA matching plan after first year of employment
  • Aflac supplemental health insurance
  • 4 months off to play in the snow and travel!
  • 3 day holiday weekends
  • Personal/professional growth
  • Continuing education opportunities

Check out the Columbine shirts as we attend the 4 Corners Horticulture Conference presentation on Steppe by Mike Bone from Denver Botanic Gardens

Reports to Crew Leader, Field Manager, & Project Coordinator

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