annual flowersOur services:

Landscape Maintenance:

We are professional gardeners guided by correct horticultural practices for optimum health and beauty of your perennial beds throughout the growing season.

Please note:

  • Although the start and end of our season are dictated by nature, we aim to begin soon after St. Patrick’s Day in March with spring clean ups, and end the week before Thanksgiving in November with fall clean ups.
  • Our monthly maintenance schedule is pre-scheduled May-October. Once we find the best frequency to meet your needs and budget, you will know which days to expect us May-October.
  • If you’d like us not to come on one of our regularly scheduled visits, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid a visit charge.
  • We have a $100 monthly maintenance invoice minimum.
  • If you anticipate a monthly total less than $100 you may want to consider spring and fall clean ups only, with a mid-season visit if needed.

fine perennial maintenanceDesign consultation:

$75/hour; perfect for DIYers and others who would like professional guidance.



$500 base price for full color design, scaled, with plant names and quantity; charged at a flat rate determined by scope of the project. Initial visit $100 deducted from design cost total. See below for more about our design services.







Certified Landscape Design Philosophy & Process

Maintaining gardens since 2000 has provided me a solid perennial maintenancebase understanding of how plants perform together in a domestic setting. ~Eva Montane

photo 5Five years working as a field botanist has afforded me the opportunity to witness how native plants find the habitats and arrangements that best suit them, how the lay of the land affects plant growth, and ultimately how we might use nature as a model in creating more successful domestic landscapes.

My preference is always to work WITH nature for the most successful results. I firmly believe in low maintenance landscapes that are beautiful and fit with the natural environment. I believe that skillfully visioned hardscape – walkways, patios, pergolas, firepits, etc. – add structure that is integral to an enjoyable outdoor space physically and visually throughout the year.

I have been designing gardens and landscapes since 2001, and can see how my years of practice have honed my skill which gives me confidence in the quality I offer my clients.

Beautiful Waterwise Solutions for Western Landscapes

photo 6

What’s so great about a waterwise approach?

Xeriscape is based on 7 fundamental horticultural principles that eliminate the guess work for the best way to conserve our region’s resources while having a beautiful landscape.

With a carefully planned design, your waterwise landscape will flaunt a rich tapestry of colors, textures, and elements that enhance your lifestyle.

Waterwise principles can be applied to any landscape style – contemporary, Zen, mountain, Santa Fe, etc.

Waterwise is holistic and views the landscape as a living organism that requires the proper interconnection of its parts to thrive.


photo 7Landscape Design

The time has come for you to finally have the landscape you have always dreamed of.

An attractive, well-crafted landscape substantially increases the value of your home and enhances your quality of life. The design process allows you to plan and visualize your new landscape design ideas before any work begins. You’ll enjoy the fun of being involved in the landscape design process, and you will benefit from a design based on your unique site and personal preferences.

Whether you plan to install yourself or have your landscaping installed by professionals, a plan is vital to ensure successful results. With the completed design in hand, you’ll know exactly which trees, shrubs, perennials and hardscape elements to put where…no more guessing at the nursery or money wasted on the wrong plants.

It will pay for itself with:
• increased cost efficiency
• less wasted labor
• the right plant in the right place

Discover the Ease & Beauty of working with Nature

Design Process

1. Initial Consultation: $100 to be credited toward design cost
Eva meets with you at your residence to discuss needs and wants, your vision and goes over what she can offer. We will make every attempt to understand what you want, and would love for you to:
• Show us pictures
• Tell us about the things you’ve seen and liked
• Share any strong likes or dislikes

All these things contribute to the creative process and pave the way to your vision. Then we can determine if what you envision is affordable, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Assessment:

We determine the scope of work and a fair price for your project and you pay half at this time for us to start working on the design. Once you make this commitment, we take a property analysis, and formal measurements.

photo 83. Design: Computer Aided Designs (CAD) begin at $500

• A professionally drawn design to scale
• 2 black and white plans
• 1 color
• List of Plants – botanical and common names – and quantities
• Notations on Materials Specifications
• Final payment is due upon delivery of design

Contracting a Landscape Company for Machine work

We love project-based jobs beyond the routine maintenance and are well-equipped for a variety of jobs, just ask; Eva will help guide you. If you decide to hire out elements of your project beyond the scope Columbine can provide (rock work, large-scale grading, planting large trees) we can help by referring you to the companies we have had the most success with so you don’t have to stab in the dark hoping to find a reliable landscaper. And it is easier to compare apples to apples when competing companies are bidding on the same design. Give it a little time, then all you have left to do is… Enjoy your new landscape!




Columbine has proudly served the Durango area since 1997. Our company carries general liability insurance and our employees are fully covered by workers compensation.


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