Project Description



Lower Bills, Reduce Waste Water, and Mitigate Flooding

Columbine Landscapes


Comprehensive landscape design, installation, maintenance and rainwater harvesting.

In March 2019 Columbine sent their President and Certified Designer Eva Montane, and Field Manager Colleen Hefferan to Tucson, AZ to participate in a Water Harvesting Certification Course offered by the Watershed Management Group. 

In this course the two learned how to calculate a site’s water budget and match water-harvesting systems with appropriate landscaping. They studied and practiced active water harvesting which entails the storage of water in barrels and tanks, and passive water harvesting in the form of creating earthworks features – such as swales, berms, and infiltration basins. The duo learned to design, size, and install the appropriate technology to address the need of the site. Some common applications are low-maintenance ornamental landscaping, soil improvements, and supporting small-scale food production. The hope behind the company getting certified is to help Durango area residents realize the many benefits of water harvesting their landscape.

Before & After

Water Basin Catchment TestingFully Landscaped Water Catchment
Commercial Landscape BeforeFully Landscaped Rainwater Harvesting

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