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We make the world a better place.

We make the world a better place with our emphasis on your health and the health of the slice of land you steward. Our core philosophies include:

  • Improved Well Being: Biophilia
  • Ecological Health and Pollinator Friendly
  • Supporting Our Local Economy
Employment Opportunties

Management Team

Eva Montane | President & Certified Landscape Designer
With decades of professional and educational experience, Eva has a passion for appreciating and utilizing nature in her landscape design and philosophy. Eva holds a certificate from the California School of Garden Design as well as a Permaculture Design Certificate, and she is a certified Water Harvesting Practitioner. Eva offers design and consulting services as well as being a skilled garden writer and educator. She has been published in Colorado Gardener and the publication formerly known as Zone 4 Magazine among other publications.
Eva loves getting down on her belly to commune with the plants as she hones her skills knowing and photographing them. An avid gardener to be sure, she enjoys other activities as well which is why a low maintenance garden works well for her. Camping, backpacking, and mountain biking with her husband and dog are some favorites.
Desiree Baranczyk | Operations Manager
Desiree received Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College.
She filled the role of Manager starting in 2017 after a full season with Columbine as a member of the crew in the field where she became familiar with our work, clients, and philosophy.
Her professional interests focus on helping clients get their needs met, and beautifying the landscape. In addition, she has graduated from the Colorado Master Gardener program.
Born and raised in Colorado, Desiree has a strong love for nature. She grew up in Salida which is a small town where the main source of entertainment is doing things outdoors. Because of this orientation and desire, finding a career that involved getting outside was a necessity. Columbine fosters this as well as a way to continue learning and growing personally.
Colleen Hefferan | Estimator/Project Coordinator
Colleen is from Eagle, Colorado and has been working with Columbine since 2017. She earned her Water Harvesting Practitioner certification in 2019 and is passionate about applying it to transform landscapes.
Colleen loves planting and installation jobs with Columbine because it’s so cool to see how a little (or a lot of) work can change a space to something so beautiful and inviting. Colleen says, “Columbine is such a great company and crew to work with. We all inspire each other, have fun, and learn new things everyday.”
Katie Kelley | Field Manager, Annual Container Designer
After attending College for Culinary arts, as well as education, Katie decided she wanted a change of pace and moved to Creede, CO in 2017 to work on a ranch as a wrangler. She quickly fell in love with life in the mountains, and decided to move to Durango in December of 2018 with her fiancée. She knew she wanted to continue to work outdoors, and realized that she would like to learn more about the Native plants that make Colorado so beautiful. She started working with Columbine the following spring, and worked as a crew lead for most of the summer. She is excited to be returning for another season, moving into the role of Annual Container Designer, and expanding her knowledge of landscaping even further.
In her free time she enjoys working in her garden, hiking, and horseback riding. During the winter she plans on spending time doing woodworking projects and painting. She also enjoys pet sitting and being around animals whenever she can.
Katie believes it’s important to fill your time with the things you love, and to challenge yourself to always be learning something new each day. She thinks Columbine is the perfect place to do just that.
Matt Carras | Landscape Designer
Matt is an Arizona Native. He has a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University. He is a Master Watershed Steward as well as Smartscape Specialist. A self-proclaimed plant geek, he enjoys the challenges of creating that one of a kind environment. He has worked extensively in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest studying the landscape and diverse ecosystems that span these very different regions.

A lover of the desert, Matt’s passion is xeric landscapes. Designing around the little to almost non exist water is a challenge that he truly enjoys. His goal is to design and create better spaces that adapt to the ever-changing urban space. When not at work, you will find Matt out somewhere in nature where he captures nature’s beauty in photography.

Tiffany Huckaby | Crew Leader
Tiffany is originally from Kansas City, Kansas and moved to the Colorado front range in 2015. She relocated to the Durango area this past March to enjoy mountain life and be closer to her boyfriend’s family.
She enjoys the opportunity to work outside while getting to know the Durango area and it’s native plants. She’s excited to expand her knowledge of gardening while in the field with Columbine.
When not working, Tiffany is usually outside enjoying nature while hiking, climbing, and camping with her boyfriend and their dogs. She also loves playing around on their motorcycles and ATV.
Josh Cannon | Waste Reduction Manager
Josh’s role as Waste Reduction Manager oversees delivery of our green waste to a local farm where it is composted, keeping the biodegradable debris from going to the landfill, and ensuring Columbine stays environmentally conscientious. He is also in charge of overseeing the company’s waste stream and ensuring that as much as possible be Reduced, Reused, and Recycled.
Josh is a native to southwest Colorado and has a passion for the natural world. After working in marketing and digital media for a decade he took a break to pursue a career in the green industry where he could feel closer to nature. He is excited for his second year with Columbine and aspires to further his knowledge in the field even more.
In his free time Josh enjoys camping, hiking, mountain biking, playing music, and reading.
Jenny Moder | Crew Lead
Jenny moved to Durango with her husband and cat in January of 2019 from Duluth, Minnesota. Her husband received a scholarship at Fort Lewis College and they both were excited to escape the long winter months of MN, plus, living in the mountains was always something they have dreamed of. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Management in 2017 from the University of Superior-Wisconsin and is excited to learn even more leadership skills as a Crew Lead at Columbine! From bailing hay on her cousin’s farm to working her college summers at her family’s golf course, Jenny loves and prefers to work in the beautiful outdoors! She became very exited to work at Columbine upon learning about Biophilia (the positive mental state working in nature provides) and reading about how environmentally conscious the company is, especially rainwater harvesting projects. Plus, she has always wanted to become more familiar with her new home’s native plants! In her spare time Jenny loves to do yoga, lift weights, hike and camp, listen to music, travel and volunteer at Annie’s Orphan’s in Durango. She hopes to stay with Columbine and continue to grow as a leader, gain new friendships and attend the Colorado Master Gardener Class in the winter months.
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