Our Philosophy


We make the world a better place with our emphasis on your health and the health of the slice of land you steward.



“Biophilia is the humankind’s innate biological connection with nature. It helps explain why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why a garden view can enhance our creativity; why shadows and heights instill fascination and fear; and why animal companionship and strolling through a park have restorative, healing effects. [Connection with nature] can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well-being and expedite healing”


Our home landscape is the access point through which many of us most frequently experience nature. Our services keep it FRESH, LIVELY, and BEAUTIFUL, and help draw you outside where you’ll feel good being in your outdoor space. We thereby increase your interaction with the nature that surrounds you and supports you on many levels.



To celebrate that fact and draw attention to it, in 2017 Columbine added a bee to our logo:

Pollinators do much of the unseen heavy lifting to make our crops produce and to help balance and stablize the Earth’s ecology. They have only more recently been recognized for the crucial role they play, as their numbers have dwindled due to the overuse of chemicals harmful to them.

Pollinator-supportive practices Columbine embraces:

  • We embrace practices that nourish the soil and support the local ecological web including using only natural sprays and amendments.
  • We select plants that are locally native and use true species whenever available because pollinators prefer them. An example of this is a preference for the classic pinkish purple coneflower/Echinacea purpurea as opposed to the new hybrid reds, oranges and white varietals.
  • We make an effort to include plants that are popular among the pollinators every time we design or augment a bed or landscape.

For more info on the important work pollinators do and how to nurture them, we recommend this site: http://pollinator.org/pollinators

We’re always happy to discuss ecological concepts and how to integrate them into your landscape, so don’t hesitate to engage us!



Plants grown and wintered over in the same locale where they will be planted will be hardier and more resilient when planted in the landscape. Our locally owned nurseries and garden centers are the sources for such plants.

Durango’s Local First has supplied us with a nice list of other reasons shopping local is important:

  • Keep money in the community. Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses keep dollars local longer, enriching the whole community. For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, nearly half goes back into the community and our tax base. For every $100 spent at a chain store, less than 15% is recirculated.


  • Embrace what makes us different. In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinct character have an economic advantage. If we wanted to live somewhere that looked like everywhere else, we wouldn’t be living in La Plata County.


  • Get better service. Local businesses often hire people who have a better understanding of the products they’re selling, and take more time to get to know customers.


  • Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy. A marketplace of small businesses means low prices over the long term. Small businesses choosing products based on what their customers love and need—not a national sales plan—guarantees a more diverse range of product choices.

  • Create more good jobs. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally, offer greater loyalty to their employees, and in most sectors provide better wages and benefits than chains do.


  • Help out the environment. Local stores help to sustain vibrant, compact, and walkable town centers, which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.


  • Support community groups. Nonprofits receive an average 350% more support from local business owners than they do from non-locally owned businesses.


  • Invest in the community. Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining our historic town centers and linking neighbors. Local businesses are owned by people who live here, work here, and are more invested in our future, because they directly feel the impact of our decisions.


  • Put your taxes to good use. Local businesses need comparatively less infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the community.


  • Attract Talent. Individuals are more likely to invest in, or move to, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and unique attitude.