Pollinator Friendly Lawns


The standard Kentucky Bluegrass (KBG) lawn can stand up to a lot of foot traffic, and a lot of water.

Pollinator Friendly Lawns2020-11-29T21:54:13-07:00
  • Perennial plants

The Best Time for Planting


Fall is right around the corner and is my favorite time for planting. The cooler temps help avoid transplant shock

The Best Time for Planting2020-08-03T08:41:39-06:00

What is Biophilia?


Biophilia is a term that was coined in 1984 by renowned naturalist E.O. Wilson and was defined by him as

What is Biophilia?2020-11-29T21:50:32-07:00

What is chop and drop?


Chop & Drop refers to dropping all green waste that's been pruned and weeded from the landscape into the basins

What is chop and drop?2020-11-29T21:51:31-07:00
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