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Weed Mat Sounds Like a Good Idea, but…


WEED MAT SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A GOOD IDEA BUT... With all the moisture this lovely spring has brought, I've been

Weed Mat Sounds Like a Good Idea, but…2020-06-30T14:46:09-06:00

Drought as the Norm, Update


Drought in our region is the norm, not the exception. With thoughtful planning it doesn't have to be a calamity.

Drought as the Norm, Update2020-06-30T14:47:18-06:00

The Durango Outdoor Exchange


Check out our work at the Durango Outdoor Exchange on North Main We're proud to announce a rainwater

The Durango Outdoor Exchange2019-06-10T15:16:15-06:00

Happy Spring!


We've been blessed with so much moisture this year so far; what are your plans to make the best use

Happy Spring!2019-06-10T15:12:57-06:00

Winter is Upon Us – Yay!


After hardly a winter last year, I am feeling enthusiastic about it this time around. I had to laugh thinking about this the other day. I know some of you will understand and I hope it brings you a smile too.  In sharp contrast to my midwestern upbringing, being a Coloradan means: you just might shovel snow with sandals on, there's good reason to wear a wide brimmed hat in the winter time, you get giddy talking with friends and strangers alike about how great it is that's going to precipitate in the winter, and the sun is so intense you can feel hot when it’s only 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Winter is Upon Us – Yay!2019-10-23T17:08:54-06:00
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