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Thrive with us!


Greetings! Goodness what a summer! What with all that moisture through June, when we don't normally have it, and that

Thrive with us!2019-09-23T15:52:47-06:00

Durango Herald – Is Durango Doing Enough to Conserve Water


We are proud to have been recently featured in the Durango Herald, in an article about our Passive Rainwater Harvesting Landscapes! In March, Eva and Colleen travelled to Tucson, Arizona for an intensive 7-day course about passive rainwater harvesting and how to maximize the ability to collect rainwater in a landscape. They are now both Certified Water Harvesting Practitioners.

Durango Herald – Is Durango Doing Enough to Conserve Water2019-06-03T14:50:19-06:00

For the Most Engaging Landscape


Hello and happy fall! It's finally cooling down a bit which makes this is my favorite time of year with cool nights and warm days. And it's a great time for planting! New plants planted in the fall are afforded the opportunity to focus all their energy on getting roots established in their new home without having to put any effort into pushing out new leaves, flowers or fruit above ground. Fall planting gives plants a real jump start on establishment...

For the Most Engaging Landscape2019-05-02T09:33:05-06:00

Rocky Mountain High; Touring Colorado in Garden Celebrity Style


My new friend Kit Strange and I toured the state with plants, gardens and trucks as our focus. Oh yes, I did say trucks. As Kit explained, she is fascinated with anything on wheels and that I witnessed as we crossed the state: semis, old, new, and small, she loved them all. Oh, but back to the botanical aspect that makes Kit a celebrity. Kit was introduced to me as an alpine bulb specialist for Kew Royal Botanic Gardens; if you don’t know, the premier botanic garden of the western world. My friend and mentor Panayoti Kelaidis, of Denver Botanic Garden fame, called me up and explained that he was organizing a month-long speaking tour for Kit starting in Alaska and ending in Denver. Sure, they could fly her from Durango - her second to last stop - to Denver, he explained, but then she’d miss the entirety of the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain High; Touring Colorado in Garden Celebrity Style2018-12-29T22:59:33-07:00

Drought as the Norm


Drought in our region is the norm, not the exception. With thoughtful planning it doesn't have to be a calamity. Look at how and when you water...With thoughtful planning it doesn't have to be a calamity.Look at how and when you water. On average we use 5-10 times more water than necessary for a healthy landscape

Drought as the Norm2018-12-29T23:00:09-07:00
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