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Ecologically-minded garden services for a fresh, lively and engaging landscape.

Columbine Landscapes specializes in ecologically friendly design, install and maintenance services. Our work is focused on cultivating a sense of place, pollinator habitat and biophilia. We are also Southwest Colorado’s rainwater harvesting experts.

We have a passion for appreciating and utilizing nature in landscape design philosophy. Our preference is always to work with nature for the most successful results. We firmly believe in low maintenance landscapes that are beautiful and fit with the natural environment. We also believe that skillfully visioned hardscape – walkways, patios, pergolas, firepits, etc. – add structure that is integral to an enjoyable outdoor space, both physically and visually throughout the year.

The extensive experience and knowledge of our team ensures that we know how native plants find the habitats and arrangements that best suit them, how the lay of the land affects plant growth, and ultimately how we might use nature as a model in creating more successful domestic landscapes.

“Our team works hard to offer the quality work that our clients expect through years of experience, practice and dedication.” -Eva Montane, President

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