Biophilia is a term that was coined in 1984 by renowned naturalist E.O. Wilson and was defined by him as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. It is used to refer to the innate draw humans have to nature: water, flames or smoke from a campfire, animals, etc. When we allow ourselves a regular connection with nature incredible things happen. 

Some of the many profoundly beneficial effects on us modern humans include feeling inspired, enhanced creativity, improved focus, greater sense of well being, decreased stress, and overall better health. The super cool part is that Mother Nature supplies these benefits to us free of charge! We might even enjoy an adult leisure beverage while it’s happening, and no appointments are required. So cool.

The effects that can be gained by interacting with nature and maximizing our experience with it in our daily lives are the reasons we all should be invested in what our home landscapes look and feel like, for what more accessible space do most of us have to interact with nature, than the greenery that surrounds us at home? 

What do you see when you return home? Does it draw you out of the indoor comforts where you can go out and commune with butterflies, observe the amazing act of bees pollinating flowers? What do you see when you look out your windows? Creating a rich natural scene can be fulfilling on many levels.

To the glory of the garden! Eva
Eva Montane, certified Landscape Designer & President of Columbine Landscapes Co