It’s such a joy to see the fresh new growth emerging from your perennial beds at this time of year; it looks fresher when all of last year’s brown dead foliage has been removed so the flowers can readily burst forth.

  • Ornamental grasses decorate the winter landscape but need to be cut back before new growth emerges so the fresh leaves aren’t hampered by the old growth
  • Spring is the time to prune for naturally shapely shrubs
    • We don’t believe in “meatballing” your shrubs but there are a few that maintain a more appealing shape through the season if cut back now like Chamisa/rabbitbrush, Russian sage, and blue mist/Caryopteris to name a few
    • Encourages bigger and more prolific flowers
    • Cane roses need a hard cutting back every spring to minimize disease and put out better flowers
    • Red and yellow twig dogwood are kept healthy with colorful canes by removing the oldest canes methodically each spring
  • Makes your landscape tidier and ready for all the possibility the new season holds

Spring clean-up by our trained professionals gives you a fresh start for the growing season by

  • Removing the burden from your to-do list
  • Encouraging bigger and more prolific flowers
  • Pruning for naturally shapely shrubs
  • Making your space tidier & your plants healthier

Contact us for a freshlively, and engaging landscape that you’ll want to spend more time in all season!

To the glory of the garden! Eva
Eva Montane, certified Landscape Designer & President of Columbine Landscapes Co