Check out our work at the Durango Outdoor Exchange on North Main

We’re proud to announce a rainwater harvesting landscape you can check out in person!

Our latest landscape installation is at the new location of Durango Outdoor Exchange at 3677 Main Ave (the old Pizza Hut).

It features passive rain water harvesting earthworks to direct runoff from the roof and paved surfaces to the landscape where the plants will be watered naturally, and for free, every time it rains. The earthworks are swales to direct the water, and basins that hold it in place allowing it to infiltrate and hydrate the land so the plants can benefit long after it rains.


DOE’s grand opening is this Saturday 4 May featuring live music, a keg, and give-aways. The landscape showcases low maintenance native and adapted plants.

Oh, and you might remember Soil Pep from our fall newsletter – the product that can be used as a top dressing mulch, or incorporated as an amendment, either way nourishing the soil – well, it is the mulch you’ll see here.


DOE owners Jen and Chase LaCroix have been enthusiastic collaborators in their new water harvesting landscape and have offered our clients a sweet deal of 10% off a purchase of $300 or less during the month of May. So stop by to check out the new landscape and pop in the shop to get outfitted for your next adventure. Just mention this email for your discount.


One of our goals is that between our regular maintenance service, and our low maintenance landscape designs, you’ll have more time to explore the great outdoors, and then return to your own inviting, thriving patch of nature at home. Durango Outdoor Exchange has a wide variety of outdoor gear and apparel in great condition. In keeping with our values, they are also resourceful and eco-friendly. You’ll want to be familiar with this place!


I will be giving a free talk as part of Durango Botanical Society’s Great Garden Series on Wednesday June 19 from 6-7 pm at the Durango public library and we’d be delighted to have you join us! Here’s the description:

Revolutionize your Landscape & Hydrate your Land

Are your gardens resource-smart? Would you like to keep water bills low while having a gorgeous, low maintenance, functional landscape?

Despite being fully legal in the state of Colorado, small-scale passive rainwater harvesting earthworks and rain gardens are under-utilized in our area. Join Eva Montane and learn all the ways you can passively capture and collect monsoon rainwater to hydrate your landscape naturally.