We’ve been blessed with so much moisture this year so far; what are your plans to make the best use of it? Such a nice question to have the opportunity to ask! Gratefully the weather has done a 180 since I was crafting this newsletter a year ago and announcing the talk I gave with FireSmart on Fire Mitigation. What a year!


Typically we expedite the flow of rainwater off our properties as efficiently as possible. Think of the alternative, of getting that free water from the sky to linger a bit longer so that it can soak in where it is most needed, to naturally and effortlessly water your trees and other landscape plants.

Ever notice how much greener everything looks after a rain, and the difference rain makes compared to watering with municipal water (that you have to pay for)?

I am proud to announce that after a 7-day intensive waterharvesting certification course in Tucson last month, Colleen, Columbine’s Field Manager, and I are both Certificate holders! We are now fully equipped and super excited to help you save money on your water bill and to turn challenges into solutions. We can make the most of the water naturally falling for free on your landscape and roof  in the following ways:

  • hydrate your land and water new or existing plants using passive rainwater-harvesting earthworks
  • Eva will be presenting a free talk “Revolutionize your Landscape and Hydrate your Land” as part of this summer’s Great Garden series at the Durango Public Library on Wednesday 19 June 6-7:00 pm
  • install rainbarrels for use in the landscape
  • prevent or control erosion
  • mitigate flooding



Spring clean-up by our trained professionals gives you a fresh start for the growing season by

  • Removing the burden from your to-do list
  • Encouraging bigger and more prolific flowers
  • Pruning for naturally shapely shrubs
  • Making your space tidier & your plants healthier

Call us now for a fresh, lively, and engaging landscape that you’ll want to spend more time in all season!

Gifted with a week of fabulous weather in late March, we’ve begun our field season! As always, we start with our lowest elevation clients – where this year we’re hoping the snow has melted and mud has dried – and work our way up in elevation.

Get Happier; Grow Flowers!

  • Annual flowers can bring you much joy with vibrant color all summer, and they can be grown in containers that fit in small places that might not be good for planting perennial flowers in the ground.
  • We sum up the benefits we humans enjoy from regular doses of nature with the concept of Biophilia. Doctors and mental health professionals recognize the mood enhancing effects of flowers. Click here to read all about it!
  • We all want to plant those gorgeous annual flowers as early as possible to perk up our spaces and our moods, but be sure to honor the local guidelines to prevent your new flowers from being damaged or even killed by a late frost:
    • May is the month! Always check the forecast before acquiring your new beauties. Mother’s Day is the earliest recommended, and by Memorial Day you should be guaranteed to avoid a killing frost.

​Indulge in Spring with the thrill of a planter designed and planted by our Annual flower pro’s!


We haven’t previously spent much energy on marketing, but as a growing company it’s time for a marketing plan!

  • Later this spring we’ll be rolling out our beautiful, and easier to navigate website
  • Look for our ad in the Neighbors magazine
  • Updates with useful information like this are on tap to be emailed to your inbox quarterly
  • And we now have a doorhanger campaign to let more people who have lovely yards, or landscapes with potential, know how we can help.
      • If you happen to get one on your door from us that you can’t use, we’d be so grateful to you for helping us spread the word to make the world a more beautiful place if you’d consider passing it along to a friend or neighbor.